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Kicking off her shoes, she doesn’t take her eyes off her new husband as she rolls back her shoulders and gets into the steps. As a Nigerian woman it is beautiful to see her embrace his culture and celebrate it!The pair even danced to the tune Johnny by Nigerian artist Yemi Alade. I DO NOT NEED TO TALK SO MUCH AS I HAVE THE NUMBER OF YOUR CAR AND OTHER SECRET INFORMATIONS ABOUTS."Reviewing not only my email exchanges but the exchanges published by others, it's rather interesting how readily these thieves claim to be honest Christians.They drop the names of Jesus and God as often as they drop the names of Nigerian bank presidents and trusted lawyers.

In a post on Instagram, dancer and teacher Katy described how the dance was actually a fairly spontaneous idea.It took me a few readings to like this page, now I love it.At first blush it seems a bit jocular, but there's a method to their madness.The next time you’re pokin’ ’round the gorge, make sure to watch the skies. They stopped by the Weird News offices in New York to talk about their actors, the sex positions they had them do, the (truly horrifying) noises they made, and the perils of outdoor fornication in the age of aerial surveillance. Brandon La Ganke and John Carlucci of Ghost Cow Films shot “Drone Boning” in a matter of days in Northern California.

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